Just to state, we all have and do work for other massage providers, and respect the work they have done. Not only in together (maybe not consciously), bringing massage squarely into the world of health, but also improving people’s mental health by pioneering massage in the workplace. MFHPA would not be able to exist without their great work.

As always, there are gaps in the market, and gaps in people’s thinking. Some have rested comfortably on their client base, and are not pushing the boundaries beyond those points. So there are ways MFHPA does it better. These include:

  • taking a Musculosketal Assessment (MSA) for each participant,
  • putting the weeks and months working with bureaucracy, and not averse to paperwork,
  • we identify with the healthcare sector, rather than please everyone in business,
  • focusing on the specific needs of each participant, physical or emotional, and incorporating that into the session,
  • working in an atmosphere of high-stress,
  • bringing in remedial massage,
  • going beyond ‘feeling good’ effect,
  • giving people one-on-one time,
  • focusing on a Program to reach goals, not a quick in-and-out, and
  • working with people within the industry to help guide the Program.

We are committing ourselves to a facility and its people, and the development of our Program shows this.

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