Refugees have made fantastic members of our community, and often have the tenacity and perseverance to make it to Australia.

Starting in Australia, they often have little or no money or resources, and have even less to spend to maintaining their physical and mental health.

Massage for Health Professionals Australia are proud to work with refugee organisations to provide free massages to their communities.

Indigenous peoples have been dispossessed, their communities wrecked and their future unknown on their own land.

It is the Founder of MFHA’s belief that we live on ground that was theirs once, and we need to give back what we can.

MFHA gives free relaxation and remedial massages to members of indigenous communities where MFHA is active.

Often start-ups have little money to spend on anything other than ICT, marketing and production.

Particularly we like to help those who are doing good for our community, our health and our environment.

Corporate massage can be quite expensive, but just as it helps HCPs, it can also help those working in offices.

We give free massages in offices of organisations that fit the ethical and social good bill.

MFHA has a 20 to 40 year timespan ahead of it, but unfortunately, the prognosis for a world which we know presently, will not exist.

Although massage cannot cool the oceans or replace old-growth forests, it can help the humans helping stem back environmental degradation in Australia.

We give free massages to those paid and volunteer staff within environmental organisations.

Do you fit the bill for free massages in your workplace, outdoor worksite or event?

Contact us and present your organisation’s work, greater goals and objectives, and lets see if we align!

We offer once a month roving or chair massages for 2 hours at the most. Each session lasts 5 to 10 minutes, so it would be expected that up to 12 participants will receive a free massage during our time.

We can start at any time, and would just ask that we put your logo up on our site.

To talk about opportunities and beyond, phone Eric Vigo, Founder of MFHA on +61 (0)4 31 749 550