Hi there. You have come to this page if you are in need of collecting all the bureaucratic items to earn a living being a PT/RMT.

It needs to be:

  • HLT52115 Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Remedial Massage
  • HLT50112/07/02 Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na)
  • HLT52215 Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies
  • HLT50212/07/02 Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies
  • HLT40302 or HLT40307 or HLT40312 or HLT42015 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice
  • HLT50302 or HLT50307 or HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • 21920VIC or 21511VIC or 22248VIC or 22316VIC Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy
  • 10052NAT Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Soft Tissue Therapy)
  • 30836QLD Cert IV Musculoskeletal Therapy
  • 30837QLD Diploma of Musculoskeletal Therapy
  • 30844QLD Advanced Diploma of Musculoskeletal Therapy
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy)

If you are a physiotherapist, nurse, osteopath, chiropractor, OT, exercise physiologist or any other university or similar graduated practitioner, that will also be accepted.

For massage therapists, your ports of call are:

Association of Massage Therapists (AMT)
• Myotherapy and Massage Australia (MMA ex AAMT)
Association of National Therapists of Australia (ANTA)
• Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA)
Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
Massage Association of Australia (MAA)

Expect two to six weeks to process your application and grant membership. That’s how their systems are set up!

If your First Aid Certificate is more than 3 years old, your association will be asking you to update in order to continue membership. If you need to update your First Aid Certificate, we recommend any provider that certified you for HLTAID003 or HLTAID004 (HLTAID003 is fine for us).

This is important for two reasons:

  1. most massage associations now have it as a main stipulation for membership
  2. healthcare facilities will ask if our staff are vetted, and we need to show proof that our practitioners are safe to massage their staff.

As a contractor, you need to have this done before you start work. However, its a small fee and can be done in less than one hour.

Search here for your preferred provider of a police check.

$5 million minimum for Public Liability (PL) and Professional Indemnity (PI). Depending on the facility, you may be asked to increase this amount to $10 or $20 million.

We ask for PI as you may likely be handing out exercise sheets, or recommend treatment beyond the 15 minute session.

Don’t have any or only one of the insurance policies? We recommend these providers:

Fenton Green & Co - 1800 642 747 Website Email

AON 1800 462 558 Website