In an fast-growing area of healthcare, improve recruitment for operating facilities and those nearing completing facilities ◊ Reduce errors ◊ Attract new residents by improving staff and residents quality of care.

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Help nurses cope with workloads.

As some aged care facilities are understaffed, the pressure on those working is high. This means theri level of stress is similar.

Massage provides the release valve and gives staff the break to reenergise.

Increased productivity.

Re-energised staff receiving massage during a day of constant giving helps clear their mind.

With massage helping fatigued and stressed staff at a healthy level of functioning at work, focus and clarity at work leads to higher levels of productivity.

Improved PR and attraction to future residents.

With some staff in residential care taking out their frustrations on the job onto patients, news leaks into the media. Stressed workers may snap, and you need to catch their state before it gets out of hand. Massage stems this tide.

This can be used within marketing to publicise the fact that residents and patients will be in safer hands with better care from much lower-stressed staff.


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Our staff are generally happy about the way they are treated.

I applaud your for achieving what we mostly want to see in aged care facilities: well treated staff who love their job and feel wanted by management. Workers compensation cases also tend to be lower in well run facilities with a good culture eminating from management. However, they are still under the same stresses as other nurses. These tend to be grouped around:

  • stress,
  • anxiety, and
  • fatigue, and especially compassion fatigue.

These can lead to:

  • work/life balance issues,
  • interpersonal conflicts, and
  • stress-based medical errors.

These issues do exist. But you can talk to us about helping clean up any remaining problems you may have, so you can live up to your standard of a well run and satisfied cared-for community.

We don't have the money to pay for massage.

Whether we appear to show how our free Pilot Program works or not, expenditure in turnover costs, sick leave, WorkCover, time spent in progressing bullying cases and other costs are going out. This is money that must be emptyied down the drain every week. So, either the higher-ups are keen on spending what they know, or instead, they spend a bit here to get many returns. In the end, we know what we do, how we do it, and what happens in the end. And it is partly our job to let you know this.

Massage all very nice, but we're a serious business - our core is deliver of care services to patients.

We have no business is determining how your whole facility is run. We are here to help you run it more efficiently by cutting out the myriad of different costs that are incurred through the management of staff.

Our service is based on studies, listed here and ever evolving. What we expect to see during each of our Program packages are here.

If you are serious about cutting costs while expending little to achieve that, we are the ones to talk to.

Cut costs while caring for your staff