To actively massage every healthcare professional regularly across the sector, within Australia and beyond. From the high-income areas of eastern suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, to the rural and remote regions.

Our mission is to overcome the barriers to massage’s wider adoption within the healthcare sector and facility’s workplace environment. This levels the path for improving health, wellbeing and productivity.

We strive to help make the healthcare industry a better place to work, its staff healthier and ending in a less stressed society.

We believe that every staff member, no matter what level of stress or management above, deserve to be treated well.

Help decrease financial and people-based issues that arise from stress in the healthcare workplace.

We will:

  1. be the main onsite massage company throughout all aspects of the health sector.
  2. achieve a sustainable minimum net profit of $1million p.a.
  3. actively give back to the community at least 10% of our profits.

We invest in quality customer service, committed actions on appropriate feedback and act as a partner for achieving goals of our clients.

  1. Best match: We match precise needs of the facility with specific practitioners who can work well with that facility.
  2. Consistancy and reliability: From once-off sessions to a package of 13 to 52 weeks, we are there, building on previous sessions and meeting the goals of the participants and the facility.
  3. Price: we stay competitive with other onsite massage businesses, but offer way more value for service, going beyond the in-and-out nature of most services.
  4. Results: With regular meetings to keep the client and ourselves uptodate, we match data we get back with goals, and keep the focus on the results of the Program.

There are around 198,103 nurses working in major cities, with 78,955 working in regional and rural areas, and 6,334 nurses working in remote areas.

Each nurse deserves to work in an environment that utilises massage to help mould the atmosphere and support they need to do their job efficiently.

We aim to massage 25% of staff in any healthcare facility across Australia - be it nursing staff, doctors, surgeons, residental care, case workers, allied staff, administrators, management and others.

We plan to do this by introducing our service directly to decisions makers or introduce through our contacts in the healthcare industry. Our One-Day or Pilot Program shows how it works on the ground at little or no cost to the facility.

MFHPA is an onsite massage provider to individuals, organisations and facilities of any size who provide healthcare solutions to problems.

Our major goals for facilities are to (but not only) reduce costs, injuries, medical errors, sick leave, turnover and bullying; we aim to also increase productivity,  patient care and satisfaction, high-quality staff recruitment, revenue streams and reputation.

Operational since January 2017, we provide Australia’s only paid-for massage-based Stress Management and Intervention Program, called the General Program. We also offer an introductory four-week Pilot Program to healthcare facilities within Sydney and 300km radius. For facilities outside of this zone, we offer a one-day event massage focused on a day such as International Nurses Day.

We pride ourselves on being a strong strategic operator that finds a clear position and niche within the healthcare sector. We are also proud to being able to ‘hack’ stagnant mindsets within healthcare that in the end, conclusively helps the bottom line of organisations, and keeps staff healthy and happier at work.

Our parent company is The Funding Engine Pty Ltd (founded covering a previous business), and we are developing an umbrella organisation, to be launched later in 2017, that comprises all businesses under that banner.

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our practitioners and increasing our footprint across massage/health. We aspire to bring out the best in our practitioners, accepting their contributions, and sometimes offering sole operations of certain business opportunities in developing markets.

We also reach out to Australian and international organisations that deals with healthcare, and has a link with massage, stress management, and staff wellbeing. We offer to share data and ideas on innovative ways to improve healthcare professionals.

Talks are in progress with a number of healthcare facilities in Sydney and regional parts of NSW to initiate a Pilot Program in their facility.

We offer Relaxation or Swedish massage, and we offer Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage as our main modality.

Around each session, a number of other modalities may be used. These include:

  • Myofascial Release
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Craniosacral Technique
  • Specialised Techniques (e.g. MET or PRT)


We offer the full suite of onsite massage services. These include:

  • Event Massage (usually one day)
  • Stress Management Program (developed around massage) for 13, 26 or 52 weeks
  • Massage Intervention (for staff at or in high-risk environments or situations)
  • 3 Minute Tension Assessments (quick rundown of where tension is held in the body)
  • Physical Self-Care Tuition (teaching staff how to massage and stretch their bodies themselves)

with new services added regularly.

We are developing a soon-to-be-named umbrella network that encompasses all of our massage partner organisations, and what each organisation offers to clients, associations, workplaces and others.

To be a world leader in workplace stress management through massage therapy.


  1. listening to each staff member and their management and take note.
  2. finding new areas that are currently are in need of effective new solutions that our massage Program can help bring in.
  3. stretching our service inside and outside of Australia, and continually improve our Program.

To find out how we do this through massage and our processes, visit our General Program page. For evidence of the effect of massage on decreasing stress, visit our Evidence page.



Crafting an effective way to decrase stress

We intiate an effective type of onsite massage service that serves as both a stress management tool to help general staff members, and also as an intervention for those at higher risk of mental or physical health complications.

Pioneering a new type of service

We use massage as a stress management and intervention Program to focus on improving the welfare, physical and mental health of all staff members, is a unique and pioneering Program in both the massage and healthcare sectors.

Proudly specialising on the healthcare sector

We investing time, research and effort in working with healthcare professionals, and use feedback and internal research within healthcare facilities to improve our service, and expand where it is needed.

Evidence based

We apply massage to deal with conditions and issues that have been proven academically to be positively affected by massage therapy.


Results based

We use data gathered from participants to improve our sessions impact on the participant.

Caring for people from a humanist and cost analysis perspective

We see both as very important, and understand in order to improve all conditions within a facility, that one eye is on the care for people, and the other eye is a care for effective systems, so that both staff and management are helping each other achieve their goals.


How long have you been operating?

We are a start-up marrying massage and healthcare professionals, having started its development in January 2017. For most of this year, I researched the potentiality of this venture, and have felt there is sufficient evidence that our service will be seen as a key part of every healthcare professional’s benefit package for years to come.

Since our service is a wholly new and different approach to providing stress management and an effective intervention, it is also a first for the massage industry.

What got you curious about massaging nurses and doctors at hospital?

Friends who work within different healthcare facilities, and their stories of woe. Having been through the hospital system for an operation and experiencing their daily lives working their shifts, and hearing and reading not-positive stories about nurses and burnout (and more)

How much support have you had to develop this service?

Surprisingly, the most amount of support I have received has been those working in within healthcare facilities. The least amount are those who know someone who works in a hospital and says that we should not bother (“they’ll never pay you anything”; “you’ve chosen the hardest route to earning money”; “look, just go up to Martin Place and get some corporates. They already know the benefits of corporate massage. Hospitals don’t”

Were you put off by advice to drop MFHPA?

Yes, it rather got quite volumous from a lot of people, and it still irks me. I see it more of a general “just take the easy route to make money”. And presented more along the lines that the health care system is stagnant, not moving and closed to new ideas. I dispute this, particularly with health tech, the NBN and innovation on whole.

Yes, this is innovative, no other massage therapists have gone in this direction before, so being a pioneer and a hacker of psychological systems gives me a sense of excitement about this business.

The number of programs that look after healthcare staff’s mental health in each state, gives me comfort that I am going in the right direction.

What spurs you to go where no other massage therapists has gone before?

That massage can help lift people out of deep emotional ditches. There is relaxation massage, which is widely utilised for its use (to make people feel nice), and that is where it stays in a lot of people’s minds. But seeming miracles can happen through touch, and emotional states can turn around over just a few sessions.

Having seen it with clients I have massaged (minimum 300 individual clients in my practice), many as regulars, I see the potential of massage to have profound changes with people.

In 2017, so many modalities that were once the preserve of osteopaths and physiotherapists (such as Dry Needling) is now commonplace with massage therapists. I have been exposed quite a lot to shiatsu as well, and that has creeped into my practice.

It is also unfortunate that many massage therapists are not business people. I understand, but that is how things are. Most will work physically, maybe in a clinic or corporate massage or (increasingly) through mobile home massage, and within 5 years, most will drop out. Partly due to the belief that your hands are ruined after that long. Which I have learnt is hogwash. It all depends on how well you treat your body.

How long will you run MFHPA? How long will you be massaging in your life from now on?

HFHPA is a way of giving back to society, and helping relax our societies. With clear-minded and health bodied healthcare professionals, patients come out in a better space. This calms the city’s underbelly. Albeit not a great deal! but society is a system and it’s a slow moving train. I can only help do so much, but something is being done.

As for my massage practice, this is literally the best job I have ever had, and now that I know how to thoroughly take care of my own body and which parts of my hands I don’t overdue, I expect to be working as a massage therapist way into my 70s. I’m 47, so I am over half way there!